Recognition is about giving positive feedback based on results and/or performance. Great results deserve great rewards. Join us as we highlight some of the world's greatest unsung heroes all across the nation who serve their communities 'Behind The Scenes'. Together with YOU, our sponsors and partners, we deliver a red carpet night of prestigious honors, amazing performances and phenomenal fellowship, food & drinks, giving you a night of celebration that you'll NEVER forget. Join us in celebrating The Stars behind the stars at The BTS Awards presented by Behind The Scenes Awards & Recognition, LLC and Beyond The Scenes Community Effort, Inc (501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization).

Why Is It Important To Honor Individuals For Their Contributions?

To honor someone is to regard them as valued, admired and respected which, ultimately, results in a bit of happiness within them. There's a clear connection between happiness and recognition. In fact, 82% of people report feeling happier when they're recognized for who they are, what they have to offer, and their talents (both natural and acquired). Frequent, meaningful recognition keeps individuals happier on and off the job. Recognition allows people to see and feel that they are, indeed, valued by their industry peers and communities for their contributions to the success of their clients, teams, companies, and communities overall. It helps individuals feel SEEN and build a greater sense of pride and worth in what they are skilled in, motivating them to continue the great work.

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