Imagine a star-studded evening, celebrating the work and the lives of individuals who work behind those who frequently appear on t.v., movies, and magazines. The makeup artists, DJ’s, photographers, videographers, managers, publicists, bodyguards - just to name a few. The people that give their lives but are rarely celebrated. The Behind the Scenes Awards and Recognition event will be a literal and proverbial, stage that will show the Stars Behind the Stars love and appreciation for their hard work and dedication. The goal of the Behind The Scenes Awards & Recognition event is to honor and celebrate the individuals that make the stars, Stars. To, for if for only one night, make THEM stars!


  • Bring much-needed awareness to every important and intricate individual that work, tirelessly, to make it possible for the entertainment industry and local and national communities to operate seamlessly.
  • Build national morale within each represented industry, promoting appreciation and gratitude for not only the ambassadors and/or stars in the everyday spotlight but also to exert the same celebratory acts for every person involved in creating excellence.
  • Provide both the community and the represented industries to become more familiar with one another…The needs of the community and how the industries can be of better service. Also for the community to become more familiarized with the represented industries and know how much it takes to provide great entertainment, prestigious government and more…and, possibly, to encourage motivation to the general public that could cause them to choose some of those fields as professional career choices and goals. Every person matters.
  • Allow the key players to speak, publicly, about their importance, be heard, and openly appreciated.
  • Upon obtaining sponsorships and donations, Behind The Scenes, Awards & Recognition will provide awards and accolades to all recipients of specified award categories as well as present an entire night of celebration, honor, and appreciation to ALL for a community-wide, “You’re valued, You’re appreciated and Job Well Done!”

The night of the Behind The Scenes Awards & Recognition will leave a mark on the city of Atlanta and beyond that will never be erased.