Beyond The Scenes Community Effort, Inc is a 501(c)3 Non-profit organization that provides community outreach by way of support groups, coaching and therapy, art and creative programs, classes, community events, and much more throughout the state of Georgia. We fulfill our mission to service the community by intentionally investing in the lives of the residents in a way that shows compassion and humility, utilizing public education, volunteer recruitment and coordination, media campaigns and setting/achieving fund raising goals. Our objectives within BTS Community Effort, Inc. are to assist in improving emotional/mental health and development, improve learning, promoting civic engagement, and strengthening communities through addressing their societal needs. Our goal is to arouse Georgia residents to work collectively for the welfare of the community, to create plans of action for community development, to create a sense of cooperation, integration and unity among communities, and to motivate community residents to better participate in developing beneficial programs. Our programs create partnership between the residents, communities, businesses and organizations throughout the state of Georgia that can, potentially, make an impact globally.

Some of the programs that we offer are as follows:

ANGEL OF MINE – Loss of Child(ren) Support Group

BTS Community Effort, Inc. offers grief and healing services dedicated to helping Mothers who has experienced the loss of a child(ren) called Angel Of Mine. When dealing with the loss of a child, you may go through an array of emotions…anger, sadness, confusion, guilt, depression, resentment, etc…trying to cope with the reality of the death of your child(ren). You may also have physical symptoms like trouble sleeping or wanting to sleep all the time, difficulty concentrating, loss of appetite, and constant crying. Many women say they no longer want to live if their child(ren) didn’t have a chance to live. All of these emotions are natural, understandable and relatable and we are here to allow you the chance to, healthily, process those emotions in a judgement free zone as well as offer coaching and counseling that will assist in slowly easing you back into “normal” daily functions and activities while offering emotional and mental support to process your new reality at your own pace.

Services Offered within Angel of Mine are:

  • Support groups for Women that are facilitated by trained and caring staff and volunteers
  • Support through workshops and counseling
  • Individual, Couple and Family counseling
  • Suggestions for reading materials and referrals to other community resources
  • Grief support to schools, businesses, and communities experiencing loss.
  • Bereavement education and training for the community
  • Publication of quarterly newsletter

A MOTHER’S HEART – Infertility Support Group

Women facing infertility often describe it as being extremely isolating. You may feel like you’re the only Woman going through these challenges and may find it difficult to talk to friends and family, especially if they’re unaware of the many difficulties related to infertility. The inability to achieve a natural pregnancy places a great deal of stress on a Woman. It’s not unusual for a desiring Mother to experience and respond to that stress in different ways, which only increases an already stressful experience.

Joining the A Mother’s Heart can be a great way to cope with infertility. Finding support when dealing with infertility is very important, but not always easy. Friends and family can provide some support, but even the very best of friends can’t truly understand what you are going through without having experienced infertility personally. A Mother’s Heart infertility support group provides a place where Women can meet and speak with others who DO understand.

There are many benefits to joining A Mother’s Heart such as:

  • Finding Emotional Support
    • Talking to others who have been in your shoes can be a stress reliever and will help battle those feelings of isolation you may have. And, while educating yourself by reading articles online can be helpful, in-person groups offer a personal connection that you won’t find on a computer screen.
  • Gaining Insights From Others
    • Support groups bring together people with different backgrounds, different doctors and different treatment methods. Hearing a variety of stories will likely introduce you to information that’s new to you. These groups provide a forum for comparing stories, learning about care providers and fertility clinics, and discovering questions you may not have yet thought to ask your doctor.
  • Learning More About Infertility
    • A Mother’s Heart invites speakers to talk about topics related to infertility. Becoming educated often helps Women dealing with infertility to feel empowered and more prepared to make decisions.
  • Discovering Tips and Tricks
    • Fertility treatments, many times, come with details that can only be understood by others who have experienced them. Many Women appreciate talking with others who know the ups and downs of balancing treatments with a busy daily schedule and can give suggestions on how they managed it.
  • Helping Others
    • Everyone in A Mother’s Heart has a unique story to share. You may find that sharing your own helps someone else and that simple act often lifts spirits.

Run primarily by volunteers, A Mother’s Heart infertility support groups are available to all Women throughout the nation offering two kinds of support groups…

  • Licensed Therapist led
    • Meeting weekly for (12) Weeks with different topics of focus each week (may include a fee)


  • Peer Networking Groups
    • Meeting bi-weekly and are led by someone with experience in infertility and the mental/emotional effects that it causes.

Topics for A Mother’s Heart infertility Women’s group include subjects such as:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Self-Care
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Dealing with Family & Friends
  • Impact On Couples & Relationships
  • Medical Options
  • Third-Party Reproduction
  • Adoption
  • Child-Free Living
  • And many more

Although group sessions are bi-weekly and monthly, we do encourage tribe building amongst the Women by them gathering outside of A Mother’s Heart for closer connections and possible long lasting friendships and sisterhoods.

LOVE CREATES – Creative Arts Workshop for Foster Children

Designed as a temporary solution to a child experiencing danger or neglect in the home, foster care too often becomes a long-term circumstance when a safe family reunification is not possible. The foster care system which was meant to provide care in a difficult time can itself become a source of instability and trauma, especially as foster youth face “aging out” and taking on the responsibilities of adulthood on their own. Like all of us, these young people have hopes and dreams, even gifts and talents, and they need resources and guidance on how to build stable mental and emotional health as well as healthy communication skills.

Love Creates transforms the lives of children and teens in foster care by creating a space where the social aspect of art – the practice of it – puts the art into a context of action by providing a healthy outlet of expression through communicating their thoughts and feelings in ways such as:

  • Creative Writing
  • Poetry
  • Singing/Songwriting
  • Musicianship
  • Painting
  • Dancing
  • Acting
  • And So Much More

Instead of telling them what to feel or silencing them from expressing how they should feel, we’ve created a safe space for them to not only feel protected but, also, feel free to be vulnerable and embody the truth of their story through the eyes of art and creativity. This allows them to choose other healthy ways to communicate instead of the way society has already assumed…through anger, rage and resentment. Love Creates expresses just that…Love through creativity thus teaching and showing love…Love for life, Love for self, Love of expression, and Love for art resulting in Hope for a brighter future no matter the past.


Researchers, educators, and parents agree that many adolescents are still not fully prepared to accept the roles and responsibilities of adulthood in today’s increasingly complex, technical, and multicultural world. To meet these challenges, The Next Level is a program developed to help today’s youth acquire the education, training, social & emotional skills, and supportive relationships that will help them function well during adolescence and adulthood.

Personal and social assets that contribute to adolescent well-being and the successful transition into adulthood is organized into four general categories: Physical and Mental Health, Cognitive Development, Psychological and Emotional Development, and Social Development. Several indicators can be used to measure selected assets within each category.

Physical Development

  • Good health habits
  • Good health risks
  • Management skills

Intellectual Development

  • Knowledge of essential life skills
  • Knowledge of essential vocational skills
  • School success
  • Rational habits of mind—critical thinking and reasoning skills
  • In-depth knowledge of more than one culture
  • Good decision-making skills
  • Knowledge of skills needed to navigate through multiple cultural contexts

Psychological and Emotional Development

  • Good mental health, including positive self-regard
  • Good emotional self-regulation skills
  • Good coping skills
  • Good conflict resolution skills
  • Mastery motivation and positive achievement motivation
  • Confidence in one’s personal efficacy
  • “Planfulness”—planning for the future and future life events
  • Sense of personal autonomy/responsibility for self
  • Optimism coupled with realism
  • Coherent and positive personal and social identity
  • Prosocial and culturally sensitive values
  • Spirituality or a sense of a “larger” purpose in life
  • Strong moral character
  • A commitment to good use of time

Social Development

  • Connectedness—perceived good relationships and trust with parents, peers, and some other adults
  • Sense of social place/integration—being connected and valued by larger social networks
  • Attachment to prosocial/conventional institutions, such as school, church, and non-school youth programs
  • Ability to navigate in multiple cultural contexts
  • Commitment to civic engagement

The Next Level believes that continued exposure to positive experiences, settings, and people, as well as opportunities to gain and refine life skills, supports young people in the acquisition and growth of these assets. The committee observed that the personal and social assets for youth do not exist in a vacuum. The individual assets interact with adolescents’ social settings in ways that are not yet well understood. Evidence suggests that the presence or absence of these assets can (1) facilitate the engagement of youth in positive social settings that support continued positive development, and (2) protect them against the adverse effects of negative life events, difficult social situations, pressure to engage in risky behaviors, and academic failures. Despite these protective effects, excessive and prolonged exposure to negative life events, dangerous settings, and inadequate schooling are likely to have a significant impact on young people’s development. The Next Level is here to eradicate the problem and BECOME the solution.

H.O.H.M.E (Helping Open Hearts & Minds Elevate) - Transitional Home for Returning Citizens

The term “returning citizen” is used to describe a person returning to the community after a period of incarceration for a felony. The incarceration could be a short time (one week to 1yr) or an extended period of time (more than 1yr). Everyone makes mistakes. The point of incarceration was to rehabilitate citizens to return to the community and be productive. Sadly, that’s not always the case.

Many returning citizens suffer from anxiety, depression, insecurity, and homelessness. Most just want a job to help support their families, go to school, and pay off fines and legal fees. They are not looking for trouble; Just a helping hand. With some extra care, our community can be more receptive to returning citizens and reduce recidivism. That’s where we come in…

In the classic 1978 movie, The Wiz, Diana Ross sang, “When I think of home, I think of a place where there’s LOVE OVERFLOWING…” At our facility, H.O.H.M.E, that’s exactly what is demonstrated to our members when they join the mission of reacclimating healthily back into society. At H.O.H.M.E., we not only provide housing and accountability to returning citizens that have paid their debts to society but we also focus on TOTAL rehabilitation through coaching and counseling in areas such as emotional health, mental health, physical health, money management, time management, communication skills, job placement, family reunification, spirit and purpose alignment and so much more. Each person is assigned weekly duties to assist in the upkeep of the facility which also gives them a sense of stewardship and responsibility. It also allows them the opportunity to commune with the other members and form friendships and accountability partnerships to encourage each other to complete the program with flying colors. For far too long, members had to live in a cold and metal cage; We think it’s time for them to have a place that they can call H.O.H.M.E.

Join us in our efforts to change lives and communities by becoming a Valued Sponsor and/or Donor…

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