2019 BTS Halo Award

Carey Jenkins (CJ)

"I was born a Freedom Fighter, its all I have ever known, all I ever wanted to be, and until we are Free and have Justice, its all I ever will do!"

CJ has sat at the forefront of community agitation, education, and organizing in the civic engagement field: He’s spent the past 15 years in the world of community engagement/organizing and has helped position young leaders in communities of color to become stakeholders.

A student, leader, and advocate with deep issue driven/voter registration knowledge, CJ has championed organizations and communities; his trainings have motivated over 10,000 young leaders Nationally to embrace the being the change agents they want to see in this world.

 CJ has built a reputation for developing organizing strategies, identifying leaders, and building out strategic programs. He also helped develop and manage a non-traditional online organizing model for non-profit organizations to reach the grassroots communities while utilizing social media. Embracing the core values of community, love, and non-violence, CJ consistently ranks among the top organizers in the country. He is a winner of the Milwaukee Put Down the Guns Campaign, writing and articulating the sentiments of the community. Hand selected by Harry Belafonte to serve on the executive committee for The Gathering for Justice. Public Speaker at Universities across the country such as UNLV, Clark University, Texas Southern, Cleveland St., UWM, and FAMU. CJ is a Winner recipient of the Congressional Black Caucus Political Boot Camp, and former steering committee member for Generational Alliance’s Grant Review Board.

CJ is a former advocate/crisis mentor at Running rebels Community Organization where he was responsible for monitoring and servicing at risk youth. He is a former Teachers assistant at 38th street School in Milwaukee, WI. From 2004-2012 CJ has served as WI State Director, National Training Director and Deputy Director for The League of Young Voters.  In 2010 he was invited by the Whitehouse to attend a meeting on issues dealing with Youth Issues and Policy. In 2014, he assisted Malik founder of Occupy the Hood with grass root efforts in Ferguson.  He currently serves as the Senior Organizer/Organizing Director for The New Georgia Project.

His passion is family, community, and making sure that the elders sacrifices of the past will not be in vain. He lives by the creed “ We are the ones we have always been waiting for!” So what are you waiting for? It doesn’t take the masses only those dedicated!